From childhood friends to “4-Man-Band”.

In the beginning of their career on 2007, Sashi was asked to play as a regular acoustic cover version band at LOCA! Coffee House, Kemang. Not knowing any other musician available, Sashi Gandarum called Putra Praditya and Aji Yudo from her old band to join her and form a new band. DREW is taken from Hollywood’s Drew Barrymore. Meant to portray a one syllable unisex real person’s name, and of course their admiration of Barrymore herself.

Playing as an acoustic cover band for 3 years, bar and lounge hopping around Kemang, with one single out; “Unromantic” (released by Nubuzz Network in Nubuzz 1.1 Compilation album), DREW became more eager to make their own music. Shanda Singgih joined the band in early 2009 and they start working on their own music seriously.

Tommy P Utomo is one of Indonesia’s best sound engineers. His knowledge about the industry is the glue that put DREW’s music together. As a Producer, Tommy’s mentoring skill and Andi Rianto’s Musical Direction brings out the best in DREW.

10 of DREW’s 11 songs in the album are DREW’s original song. The songs are deep, meaningful yet easy listening pop songs, which stories behind it are non-fictions. The last addition in the album is a cover of Ahmad Dhani’s hit ‘Aku Takut Jatuh Cinta Lagi’ (originally sang by Reza).

All 11 songs are recorded LIVE at Aquarius music studio in a 2 long days recording session. DREW’s album is in a full band format with a major touch of acoustic.

The release of the “DOUBLE SINGLES” on October 2010 is the first step of DREW’s major movement towards being acknowledge in the music business.

RADIO is an original song written by Sashi, Aji and Putra. The story behind the song is about a radio announcer who is trying to send a message for the special someone who might listening. The song is in Indonesian, it is one fun upbeat song about an admiration of love.

In the other hand, HIGH is one edgy song that is written in English. The song tells you about the feeling of an addiction towards something/someone that keeps you wanting for more. The acoustic touch meets electronic pop vibe but still with a full live band attitude makes this song very full and danceable.

The full album of DREW will be on the stores all over Indonesia by mid 2011. The album contains 11 songs, including these two extravagant songs that came in the promotional package.



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